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2012-04-29 19:50:44 by mvg52

got a new laptop and finally got some flash. u guys are gonna start seeing some more posts soon.

i cant submit anything

2011-10-04 13:36:21 by mvg52

my computer aint workin right now

darn it!!!

2011-09-11 12:50:37 by mvg52

didnt finish the game guys sorry but i will finish it sometime! tell u when its submitted

game update!!!

2011-09-10 21:41:09 by mvg52

our new game is gonna be awesome i hope it gets lots of reviews!!!!!!!!! RATE IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!! :)


2011-09-08 20:20:32 by mvg52

i have a new flash thats comin out soon! its a collaboration with legodude2000 and well submit it soon!